During daytime

With smart Enerphy solar power system, become your own green energy provider for optimal consumption.

During nighttime

With smart Enerphy solar power system, optimize your solar power storage and use it flexibly without the need from the grid.

Harness the Sun - Generate Solar Power for Your Needs

Install solar panels to convert sunlight into electricity for your home. Customize your solar energy system to meet your household's unique power requirements.

Recharge with Solar - Refuel Your Life with Clean Energy

Go green and slash your energy bills by installing solar panels. Reduce your carbon footprint with clean, renewable power straight from the sun.

Solar Storage Solutions - Store Sunshine for Rainy Days

Solar batteries let you bank surplus solar energy for later use. Stay powered on even when the sun isn't shining with our integrated storage solutions.

Solar Thermal Systems - Heat Your Home with Free Energy from the Sun

Reduce heating bills by harnessing the sun's thermal energy. Solar water heating systems provide free hot water from renewable solar power.

Intelligent Solar Management - Distribute and Optimize Your Solar Supply

Smart tech ensures you get the most from your solar energy system. Built-in sensors monitor and distribute your solar supply for maximum efficiency.

Go Off-Grid with Solar - Achieve Energy Independence

Cut the cord to the electric grid with an off-grid solar system. Achieve true energy independence with solar panels, batteries and smart controls.

Our Workflow: Every step counts

Our team of experienced professionals is here to help you every step of the way, from initial consultation to installation and beyond. We will work with you to understand your unique energy needs and design a customized solar solution that fits your budget and lifestyle.

Discover More
  1. Suitability Check

    Discover your maximum theoretical solar potential free-of-charge

  2. On-site Inspection

    Advisory with a custom design for your needs

  3. Design Approval

    Your approval for the final 3D layout of your system

  4. Permitting/Funding Application

    We submit a funding application for subsidize,and your city issues a building permit

  5. System Installation

    Upon permit approval, we call to schedule your installation

  6. Inspection

    The city sends a building inspector to your home to check our work

  7. Net Metering

    Your utility company installs the net meter at your home

  8. Energization

    Start power your needs with Solar