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Tiled roof or Solar roof, which one is more beneficial?

Whether renovation or new construction, Solar integrations are profitable investments:

  • The initial investment for solar building envelopes is relatively small compared to traditional building envelopes, making the additional cost easier to justify.
  • Depending on your self-consumption, these solar-building envelopes have the potential to generate yields and pay for themselves within a few years.
  • After this period, they can become profitable power plants that continue to generate earnings.
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What the profitability of your solar system can offer!

The Financial Benefits of Investing in Solar

The Financial incentives for investing in solar energy: How government subsidies, tax deductions, and other programs can make solar power more profitable and increase the value of your property

Reduced electricity costs

How Solar Panel Can Help Lower Your Energy Bills, Even If it Doesn't Fully Eliminate Them

Promotion & Tax Deduction

Benefit from government incentives to lower the initial cost of installing a solar energy system, making it more affordable for homeowners and businesses.

Increased property value

Solar energy systems can help to insulate homeowners from future energy cost increases, which can be attractive to potential buyers

Payback within 13 years

By increasing the proportion of self-consumption, your savings from lower electricity expenses will, in an average of 13 years, fully offset the cost of purchasing and installing your solar system.

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Find out just how worthwhile your photovoltaic project is

The profitability of your photovoltaic system can be significantly increased by increasing the proportion of self-consumption.

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Get your solar project being subsidised

The government provides funding programs to support the growth of solar energy, such as grants, tax credits, and other incentives to encourage individuals, businesses, and organizations to install solar panels.

Get your solar project being subsidised

Up to 60% cost coverage of your project


Profit from electricity sales

Enerphy Suisse offers solar panel investment opportunities with potential return and buyback option.

Profit from electricity sales

We install a solar system on your roof for free – you only pay for the energy you use.